Ash'ariyyah: Denying the Hands of Allaah, Relegating the Attributes to Seven

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ImageBy Abul-'Abbaas Mooosaa Richardson

Excerpted from the audio lecture 'Affirmation of the Hands of Allaah and His Descending' from the 'Aqeedah Class (Summer '07) based on the Haa'iyyah poem of the famous scholar Ibn Abee Daawood as-Sijistaanee.

From the points discussed:

  • The Denial of the (Right) Hands of Allaah, interpreting and explaining them away logically instead of sticking to the texts
  • The lack of evidence for the Ashaa'irah to relegate Allaah's Attributes to Seven, the ludicracy of affirming Sight and Hearing for Allaah yet negating other Attributes
The Ashaa'irah will accuse Ahlus-Sunnah of likening Allaah to his Creation, due to their following the way of the righteous Salaf in declaring the Names & Attributes of Allaah, as they came, without distortion, logical analysis or likening them in any way to the creation. Taking them as they are, full-stop. The Ash'arees due to their background in qiyaas (logical reasoning) hold that declaring Allaah's Hands as they are, without implying that it means 'blessing, power etc.' is likening Allaah to his creation since many created beings have hands. Rather, this accusation is more fitting for themselves, why is it that they cannot affirm Allaah's attributes as they are, instead explaining away these attributes as something else, in fact this, in reality, is likening Allaah to his creation since they cannot fathom Allaah having a Hand without comparing it to creation and thus deducing something else!  

The full lecture explains the following lines of poetry from Ibn Abee Daawood's Haa'iyyah

(10) And certainly a Jahmee will deny His Right Hand as well,
While both of His Hands are giving out all kinds of bounties.

(11) And say: The Ever-Compelling descends each night,
Without asking how, magnificent is the One God and most worthy of praise.

(12) Down to the lowest heaven, granting bounties from His Grace,
As the gates of the heavens are opened and spread widely.
(13) He says: Is there anyone seeking forgiveness who would like to meet a Forgiver?
Or anyone seeking bounties of goodness and provisions, so he could be given (what he requests)?

(14) A group have reported this whose reports are not to be rejected,
But sadly some have went wrong and did not believe them, marring themselves.

Summer Courses 2007 – Masjid al-Furqaan – Toronto, Ontario

Translated by Moosaa Richardson

Edited by Hassan Somali



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