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In the name of Allaah, ar-Rahmaan, ar-Raheem


Currently, we are seeking to make some books available for free on iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, Sony, Nook and over 15 other platforms worldwide. We have gained permission from the author of "Sacred Freedom, Western Liberalist Ideologies In the Light of Islam" to make it available as an ebook for free distribution on the above platforms.

The book is currently available free as a pdf download on various sites. However, there are many benefits to placing it on iBooks, Kindle etc. for the propagation of Islam, from them:
  • Exposure to non-Muslims on (Kindle), the largest bookseller in the world
  • E-Books, in the mainstream, have begun to outsell printed books
  • iBooks (on itunes) and the Kindle networks are the larget book distribution chains in the world, that gives the book massive exposure to non-Muslims
  • iBooks, Kindle etc. are bookmarkable, serachable, can be highlighted, notes can be written and all this can be saved in the cloud
  • It provides longterm (permanent in shaa' Allaah) exposure for the book on these platforms
  • It is being made avaialable FREE and Muslims can direct non-Muslim family members with iPads etc. to download it free for their e-reader, a huge plus

    There are many other benefits to this project, the associated cost is also minimal, approx. $700 for the conversion and imagization of Arabic verses etc. and placement on iBooks, Kindle and almost 20 other global e-book platforms. 

    Currently we have raised $700/$700 [Complete] towards this project. It is a great opportunity to spread Islam through mainstream channels of information. In the past, we sought to get books like Sacred Freedom and The Wahabbi Myth into Chapters, Barnes & Noble, WH Smith and the major book resellers, but we were blocked by the owners of those supply chains, thus the book didn't get mainstream exposure to the non-Muslims. The e-book platform completely changes the monopolisation of information streams. Those who wish to assist us with this project can paypal to info @ 

    Upon completion of this FREE ebook project, we have one more to announce in shaa' Allaah
    We ask Allaah to make it a success!!!

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